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‘Spring Cleaning In January’

Organized And Clutterless

The endless adding to keepsake bins, changing up winter to summer items, the boys growing out of their ski gear and needing to go last-minute shopping the morning before heading out to an activity had progressively made our garage a total disaster.

Like the kitchen junk drawer, we have a ‘junk’ room downstairs where we keep the package of Costco paper towels — ’cause it’s too massive to have anywhere else, extra pairs of snow pants, blankets and other large items that don’t fit in bedroom closets.

The beauty of that room is we can close the door and not have to see any mess. The flip side of that though is it gets a little out of control… as does the garage so this weekend cleaning/purging had to be done.

After opening and closing, sorting and shuffling, Jeff and I got a full load to take to the dump out of it as well as a car-full to pass to the thrift store.

Out biggest victory is that we managed to get both areas organized with the least amount of ‘loud talking’ or choice words, towards each other about how the other person wants it sorted, that we have ever experienced.

Now that was a win for sure…go us…for today anyway.

IMO, de-cluttering is one of the best feelings ever. There’s a lot of interesting psychology behind releasing stuff that no longer serves us and all in all, it was a great day.


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