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‘Surprise, Surprise’

It seems to be a common topic I write about but when I find a good sale, especially on food — organic food to boot — I have to share the love.

Also, writing on food is easy for me so it’s easy on the brain. And today is Friday so that in itself warrants a chill blog.

I made another batch of elderberry elixir this morning and was again grateful to enjoy my 2020 summer harvest. Chokecherry juice, elderberries, mullein, ginger, lemon, orange, cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, cloves and a bit of brandy for preservation was the mix this morning.

’Tis the season for prevention I guess.

Not only was I able to consume organic items in the middle of January, I also enjoyed wild provisions in the form of the mullein, chokecherry and elderberry. What a welcomed treat for the body and soul.

Finding and purchasing fresh produce…especially authentic organic fresh produce…is only going to get progressively difficult to find and become exorbitantly more expensive as each day passes.

The beautiful thing about having the means of transportation if I can scope out various stores to view their offerings.

Following the ‘Clean 15/ Dirty Dozen’ list as much as possible to aid my efforts to eat well and within financial sanity, I’m often hopeful for a deal when perusing the fruit and veggie sections.

Sometimes organic food is beyond ridiculously priced…but then I look on the other side of me at the clamshell of 5 strawberries almost the size of my fist and get a good kick in the proverbial butt.

To the till I go with my $8.00 container of berries.

Lately, though, (and some all the time) I’ve been scoring some amazing deals on organic items so for those who live in the ‘Loops…here ya go:

  • Nature’s Fare and Costco for organic greens.
  • At Fresh St. Market the other day, I bought a bag of 7 large lemons for $5.99 and dehydrated them. That was a great find.
  • Organic garlic and ginger in bags (3 bulbs to a bag) were each $2.99 or so at Superstore today when usually local organic garlic is about $6.00 for 2 small bulbs.
  • The large bag of organic baby carrots are $6/$7.00 at Costco almost always and even if it is more work, I still prefer the ones with the tops on them. They just taste better.
  • NuLeaf Market has a great selection of locally grown produce…though not always organic. But if you follow the Clean 15/Dirty Dozen, you should be alright.
  • Surprisingly I bought organic strawberries for almost $3.00 less than conventional ones at Superstore a while back as well. Strawberries rate extremely high on the ‘Dirty’ list so if possible buy those organic.
  • A bag of organic gala apples at both Walmart and Superstore are under $5.00 lately and same like the strawberries…definitely purchase these organic.
  • One more organic must is kale. Walmart has a large bag of organic pre-washed already cut kale for just under $6.00. That’s a good buy.

Welp, we’re now off to use our BOGO-$0.99 cent coupons (besides cheques, these are our favourite pieces of mail) and get 100% NON-organic Blizzards at Dairy Queen…

Happy Friday,


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