‘Taking Things Waaay Back’ — Part 1

What Happened To Lucifer?


Isaiah 14:12–17

A long time ago there was an angel named Lucifer and he lived in Heaven with God and a bunch of other angels (Jesus and the Holy Spirit too…we’ll get to that later).

Lucifer was an Archangel, which meant he held a high rank and was given the power to make certain decisions and do certain things. He was a master musician (Ezekiel 28:13), very smart, he led the music, planned the parties, had luxurious style and other stuff. No wonder that, because of his position and clout, Lucifer had a solid following of other angels who admired him and listened to whatever he said.

He was really, really good looking too, and God loved him very much.

He was beautiful, like, unfathomably stunning. In fact, Lucifer was so stunningly beautiful that his name, which means ‘light bringer’ and ‘morning star’, was more than perfectly fitting.

Whether solely by his own acknowledgement and/or a combination of the admiration of others, he began to think quite highly of himself. He started to revel in the realization of his appearance, talents, gifts and hierarchical position. He didn’t just gratefully and humbly acknowledge that he ‘had it good’ up there, he became overcome with his knowledge, looks, access to resources and power.


Lucifer became proud. And it was pride that would quickly lead him to fall.

Now, he wasn’t ‘proud’ as in, stoked-that-he-worked-hard-thus-earned-a-good-score-on-a-Math-test proud, rather he developed a deep, unhealthy, obsessive desire to exalt himself up and above his creator. He yearned for and was compulsively driven to obtain the admiration, honour and glory reserved only for God Almighty.

Consequently, when the fullness of pride got the best of him, he and one third of the angels (presumably under his command and vulnerable to manipulation) who joined him in rebellion against God (Rev. 12:3–4), were hence expelled from the Holy heaven.

He/they fell ‘like lightening’ from there to a second celestial evil realm where they currently reside (Daniel 10:13) — but only for a little while longer… (see Rev. 13:5)

To Be Continued…



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