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‘Tapping Out’

I’m over doing anything more on the computer this evening so a super short blog about nothing it is.

Today was one of those abnormally full brain and eyeball blowout days of crunching numbers, making phone calls, random errands and the like.

I did, however, manage to get chicken fajitas with homemade guac on the table…at ‘dinner’ time…and I think the four of us stayed sitting together at the table for about 10 minutes tonight. #winning.

The wins:

*Besides the Mexican cuisine I nailed, the kids didn’t play all day on their consoles and computers and we were able to squeeze in a short hour at the beach to get soak up some Vitamin D.

*Luke and I remembered to buy crickets for Toby (the bearded dragon) so he didn’t feel neglected.

*I chose to cut ties with Braden and Jeff (or whoever is around when I need a trim) continuing as my hairstylists and instead got a real cut from a professional.

The losses:

*There was still more screen time than I would like to admit which contributes to the boys being grumpy humans.

*I didn’t get a weight workout in…and haven’t for about a week (only person to blame is this guy)

*Even though I know better, I still made crappy food choices that make my connective tissue stuff flare up and render me feeling like garbage. #fail

Tomorrow is another day to live big and crush dreams and all that so we keep going.

Truthfully, there isn’t much more happening upstairs so I’m tapping out.

Night team,


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