‘Tart Cherries-Some Stuff To Consider’

Uric Acid, Inflammation And All That


Long Disclaimer & Intro First:

I’m not a doctor or certified in nutrition (anymore) so always consult a health professional first about any new changes to your diet, but I am really good at reading and understanding academically critical research papers.

It’s too common of a misunderstanding (especially these days) that you have to be an elite specialist and hold the highest degree in a particular field to be considered decently well read, have the capacity to connect dots or have the cognitive ability to discern a scholarly document.

If anyone requires school-based validation or has a need to care about my ‘credentials’ for the purpose of being a messenger for all this stuff, I did attend university and was at the top of my classes in this discipline. I’ve also studied, researched and consumed food and plants…for a long time.

For this blog, I’m not saying to go out and do whatever I write about, however, it’s always a great idea IMO to remember factual history, how our bodies were created, how the world we live in operates and that most, if not every single conventional drug out there, has an organic history if you ‘follow the trail’.

So, there’s a common sense reason why people have used and still use food and plants to help their bodies in various ways.

Remember…like the quality of a washing machine today, not all ‘new’ things are ‘better’ things.

We already have everything we need.

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Here’s some ‘stuff to consider’…

It’s well known in both the natural and conventional medical arenas that tart cherries aid and prevent certain ailments in the body.

The beneficial effects have been peer-reviewed and scientifically studied for mitigating and treating:

…and more.

The other day I read an article that said Quebec had found a breakthrough for the situation we are currently faced with…https://montreal.ctvnews.ca/quebec-researchers-say-they...

Hmmm, surprise?…or not.

Before anyone gets too excited about some new ‘breakthrough’…let’s consider the obvious first.

“The plant alkaloid colchicine, derived from Colchicum species, has been used for centuries to treat gout, but its tubulin-binding properties have made this compound a widely utilized tool in the study of microtubule dynamics.” — https://www.sciencedirect.com/.../pharmacology.../colchicum

And what is gout caused by? Inflammation. And what does the ‘Rona do? In short, it causes lots of inflammation. Spoiler alert — anything adverse in our bodies (illness/injury produces an inflammatory response…that’s our body’s protection system (and I personally know a lot about inflammation in the body).

You’ve probably heard about it and there’s much info on ‘Rona inflammation to check out yourself. This article is just one of them:

“In people with severe C0V1D-I9, which is the disease that SARS-C0V-2 causes, “hyperinflammation” exacerbates breathing difficulties and can lead to potentially fatal acute respiratory distress syndrome.

However, there is good evidence to suggest that drugs that reduce inflammation, such as the steroid dexamethasone, can save the lives of patients already on ventilators and those receiving supplemental oxygen.” -https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/.../c0v1d-19-can-we...

So, by connecting common sense, plants and science dots together…if colchicum and tart cherries have been used for years and years and years to help with gout and other illnesses…due to the root issue of inflammation…maaaaayybbeee it’s possible that we could consume (safely of course) the natural form of these, of which our body already innately identifies and knows how to process properly (unlike conventional pharmaceutical tablet…even if they are ‘so close to being the same’ thing), and achieve the same or similar results?

…hidden in plain sight friends…so many things.

Tart cherry concentrate goes for about $30.00 a 473ml bottle. So if you want to know where you can pick your own choke cherries in the summer (one kind of tart cherry) around the Kamloops area…free of pesticides…feel free to message me. I pick and process them as much as humanly possible and happy to share how.

Again, it’s always important to do your own (deep and thorough looking at all ‘sides’ and sources) research with everything. Ya, you/we are allowed and do have the capacity to understand anything and everything just like any other person with a pulse on this planet. There are no favourites.

We already have everything we need.




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