‘The Birthday Girl’

There are many reasons I chose to use the word ‘actually’ in the above subheading.

With consideration of a few factors including; the likelihood of her realistically becoming a part of our family, her own poor life choices, marginal behaviours and oblivion to consequence, we are all surprised Daisy made it to celebrate her first birthday.

Along with her regular breakfast, for a morning treat today Daisy enjoyed a blob of real whipped cream, a bite (not from my fork) of pumpkin pie and contently chewed on one of her daily dog-toothbrush stick things.

— — — — — — — — — — — -

Former Jeff was a self-professed anti-dog person.

It’s not that he hated animals, he just never had great experiences with them nor did he have a deep longing to ever own one for himself.

We had a dog and a cat when Braden was younger and Luke was very little and in recent years, the boys began consistently bugging us to get a puppy. What started as more of a joke (but not really), the inferences about picking up a dog and bringing it home came to reality in September of 2019.

After sending our deposit, one afternoon Braden and I drove to 100 Mile House to meet the breeder and pick up our three pound Maltese/Shihtzu/Mostly-Yorkie tiny ball of fur. Armed with food, water, a secure carrying case, treats, pee pads, blankets and toys, we were ready for her…or so we thought.

We had just picked up ‘Daisy’ and drove out of the parking lot when, no more than 20 minutes down the highway, we experienced our first -of many- ‘situations’ with our new puppy.

Puppies pee unexpectedly and a lot so we thought we were being diligent owners by stopping frequently to let her out.

Our first stop was a little grassy patch. Having a new puppy, it’s important to not expose them to places where other dogs could have defecated for concern of viruses and bacteria affecting their sensitive immune systems. We were torn so we let her walk around on the concrete patch beside the grass. Well, on the concrete were pebbles and she decided to choke on one.

“This is it”, I thought. “She’s a gonner.” We had owned her for less than half an hour and now here we are.

But as any baby is naturally programmed to do, after putting her back down and leaving her be, Daisy ended up getting the pebble out on her own. Whew. That was #1- crisis averted.

#2. Dog bloat and the first call to the vet. That very first night after we brought her home, before bed she ate some kibble the breeder had included and we put Daisy in her playpen. I know the first night is always a doozy but she was relentless and really sad.

Due to her stress (we figured out later on), she ballooned into a teeny, hairy, caramel-coloured Veruca Salt. Dog bloat is lethal in only a short while and at 1am Daisy was a tight ball. Luckily the super generous vet on-call had pity on me being one night in to the puppy game and agreed to chat over the phone instead of me taking her in and getting charged a $400.00 call out fee plus services.

It ended up she was just super stressed out, needed to chill, have some cuddles and to take a dump.

#3. They say when you get a puppy to make sure you safely introduce them to as many people as possible and take them to visit as many places as possible so they grow up not being grumpy and hating everyone and everything.

With Luke being in grade three, it was perfect to take Daisy to meet all of his classmates and get acquainted with young kids.

It was early fall so there was a lot of moisture on the grass. With that, the school field had produced a lot of mushrooms. Even though I kept her on the concrete and away from the field until she had her vaccinations, she managed to eat some mushrooms that day as I hadn’t noticed growing along the fenceline. That was the second call to the vet.

#4. Her breed is vulnerable to low blood sugar at the best of times and being so little, her risk of quickly passing out and dying was a real issue that we constantly had to mitigate. Better now that she is older and will eat when she’s hungry, we had to continually add maple syrup to her water, had to make sure she ate little bits of food frequently…whatever she would eat, and had to make sure she didn’t overdo life in any form.

I had her in the vet about four separate times and spent way more on varied types of food than I care to disclose to aid her ‘eating disorder’…humourous revenge against me I suppose! ;)

#5. I don’t think it was a Friday but Daisy got high…very high. That was another after-hours call to the vet.

Returning from a walk, Braden said, “Mom, Daisy is acting weird don’t you think?” I turned around and saw our puppy bobbing her head and swaying back and forth. Her eyes started to get heavy and when she stumbled around, she was incontinent all over the floor. She then proceeded to try to run really fast only to stop, look tripped-out and then come to us and whimper with fear. While it was mildly funny, we were concerned. I called the vet, explained what we had noticed and he said those were tell-tale ‘cannabis ingestion symptoms’.

We don’t smoke weed and don’t have any in the house. We do, however, notice the odd joint or roach on the ground when we take Daisy for walks in our neighbourhood. We are on the North Shore and drug use is a very open concept around these parts so even though I hadn’t noticed her eating anything on our walk, it didn’t surprise me one bit that she had probably munched on a doobie or lost lone bud along the way.

As recommended, we let her sleep on it and checked her periodically through the night. When morning came, she was as spry as ever and back to normal just as the vet had predicted. Whew again!

#6. Even though I make sure to put them away, she’s eaten lots of ear plugs (thankfully they pass), a grape that fell on the floor, a raisin, gotten into chocolate, ingested onions by accident and consumed every other thing not recommended for dogs...and has almost been hit by a few cars.

Oh Daisy.

— — — — — — — — — — — -

So today- all day- we celebrate you Daisy…the one who now gets to sleep on our bed beside Jeff, who brings us headaches, a much lighter wallet, laughs (at her expense), snuggles and never a lack of cotinuous entertainment.

We’re glad you’re here and Happy 1st Birthday ‘Ding Dong’!

-Love From Your Four Humans xoxo



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