‘The Digital Marketing Master’

Anyone who’s done it knows building a business comes with a lot of to-dos.

You have a great concept, idea, story, product, network and support. You registered your business name, bought a domain name (or two or three) and set up a business email. You created social media professional accounts and nailed the perfect bio. Your business even grew organically and naturally and it’s finally the vehicle that’s helping you move in the direction you had always envisioned.

That’s it right? You’re ready to launch!

Then you keep moving, thinking and going through your list.

And you realize there are these components to also consider:

Proper accounting, refining your story, bookkeeping, incorporating (or not), legal consults, cashflow concerns, insurance, setting up business banking, GST and PST/HST numbers, logistics of how you are going to get your goods or services out there to the world, setting up email autoresponders and the insane amount of time and copy that goes with that, integration-what programs work with others the best, newsletters — and how often to send them, starting a business blog, getting photos done, compiling all kinds of content, writing product descriptions, writing the FAQ’s, a mission statement and other stuff like that, automation, creating a launch video, researching and sourcing product, designing a logo/trademark…that’s not already taken!, filing a trademark application, learning a digital design program, marketing, running and creating social media content, inventory, tracking everything, invoicing, tagging, printing stickers and marketing/product inserts, researching fulfillment and 3rd party shipping options, learning a zillion different online programs, creating content for your websites and/or marketing funnels and actually building and creating that platform which will sell your thing (on top of more that I’m missing I’m sure)

— — — — — — — — — — — -

I‘ve learned over the years that NOTHING fruitful comes by my or any single person’s efforts. It just doesn’t happen that way. It can’t.

I suck at a lot of the above tasks and that is why I outsource my weaknesses to those who have been in the game longer or who are simply better than I am at whatever it is I can’t or don’t want to do.

I’ve also learned that I don’t need, certainly don’t want to and can’t possibly do it all myself. It’s better to lean on others and find your ‘team’ to help you scale and do the stuff you aren’t great at.

That’s why I’m grateful to have connected with Connie J Pak- (thanks Janis!)

— — — — — — — — — — — — -

Connie is the owner and founder of Tuckdin Marketing.

She does the stuff (and loves doing it!) that you don’t like to do so you can do the stuff you love instead.

Connie will help your business with research and analysis, implementation and optimization, funnel building, strategy and planning and the best part is she will keep you moving forward. She helps me stay on task and out of ruts when I get stuck.

She is unbelievably digitally savvy, smart, caring, genuine, prompt, organized and a fantastic communicator. If you want your business to get to that next level or you need someone to help you with anything related to online business operations, reach out to Connie.

After years of watching and listening to the hardships and stumbling blocks other entrepreneurs faced on a regular basis, Connie has recently created a YouTube Channel titled ‘Connie J Pak- Simplify and Automate Your Online Marketing’ to help you combat issues commonly faced in the digital world. I don’t make promises often but I promise you will benefit greatly from anything Connie offers!

Tuckdin Marketing is also a Certified ClickFunnels Partner.

From Connie:

“I would say that my passion is to help those starting out in this entrepreneur space or starting out as a business owner which is why I started the YouTube channel…to share things I see that are working and not working. I see and hear about people being taken advantage of or lost and overwhelmed by technology or marketing and I love to be able to try and keep things simple and just help them get to the next step on this journey.”

You can connect with Connie through:

*Her YouTube Channel- ‘Connie J Pak- Simplify and Automate Your Online Marketing’

or at


— — — — — — — — — — — -

Thank you Connie.

We would be headed out to sea with no compass if we didn’t have you at the helm of this part of our business. Luke and I appreciate you so much!

Side note…I’ll get those items on my ‘Connie-do’ list to you soon…promise! ;)


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