“The Hair Struggle Was Real (Part 1)”

Over the last decade, I have struggled with many facets of my hair…like, a lot.

I know, I know….”first world problems”.

Well, when I don’t actually want to be spending a ton of time fussing with my do’ but want to show up to life and feel decent, having hair that doesn’t cooperate or is hard to work with can be super frustrating.

I was #blessed with naturally wavy/curly frizzy, thin, dry hair and after chemo, it came back almost 100% grey. It is perpetually dry, it breaks easily because I’ve overprocessed it in the past and I have odd cowlicks in the front. So, it’s been a journey to find a good fit and regimen of hair products that work well for me.

I have spent years trying to figure out what works best for my wallet and my hair.

Regularly spending $150.00-$250.00 at the salon is just not something I will ever do (I don’t think). My hair is so grey that I need to have appointments often and in general, I’ve been trying to move away from being exposed to extra chemicals on a regular basis.

Taking the natural, less chemically-infused route has proven to be be interesting.

I’ve tried the ‘natural’ version of conventional box hair dye from the health food stores, I’ve tried lemon juice to lighten it and most recently, I tried henna hair colour.

After the back and forth between foils, box dyes and root spray from Sally’s, I have finally found the perfect combo to keep my hair healthy and free of grey (no, I’m not ready to embrace the salt and pepper quite yet).

In short, here is my go-to mixture:

Colora Brand Henna Hair Dye


Garnier’s Oila Ammonia-Free Hair Colour

For those who read that and thought, “Surely that doesn’t work well together” or “I’m sure her hair started on fire” (because that’s actually a thing when you mix henna and hair dye fyi), tomorrow (Part 2), I’ll explain more about how I got to realize this amazing balance of natural and conventional hair dyes.

The hair struggle is surely real…




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