‘The Sauce Mission’

Finally Found Our Favs


I’ve talked about my favourite things on various posts but I don’t think I’ve designated an entire blog to just condiments.

They’re an important part of the Webb household so I feel they deserve the spotlight tonight.

Most North American parents would agree that ketchup is a must in any household with kids in it. Mayo and mustard too. Then there’s probably at least one variation of hot sauce, a BBQ sauce, a jam of sorts — most likely strawberry, Braags or soy sauce and almost definitely at bottle of teriyaki sits somewhere in that fridge.

Costco is Costco and they’re famous for one day having something in stock and everyone loving it, and then the next week poof! — it’s no longer there.

I’ve mentioned their Wasabi Teriyaki was our favourite and now they don’t carry it and the bagged dehydrated beets were so good but, nope…not there anymore either.

Buying the double pack of mustard is a great deal as is the ketchup and most other condiments. The issue I have though is with how they (don’t) fit in our fridge. The Costco-sized bottles take up so much room and since we have like 5+ open containers of different kinds of mustard at any given time, sometimes we have to downsize.

Each one of us has our sauces of choice, and the boys especially (like most kids), go through phases of liking and loathing certain flavours, textures and heat levels.

Over the years, it’s been a trial-and-error mission to find ones that we all embrace and enjoy.

The list is here: Heinz Ketchup / French’s Mustard and Bavarian-style sweet grainy mustard / Hellman’s mayo / Kraft Miracle Whip / EDO teriyaki/ Braags soy-style sauce / President’s Choice Smokin / Habanero Tequila BBQ Sauce / Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce / Frank’s Red hot / Sriracha / Valentina Hot Sauce

and one of my super favourite condiments is what I consider a very special treat…

Italian Acetaia Montale Rangone white balsamic vinegar.

You won’t need anything else.

Stay saucy,




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