You know the popular saying, “You are the product of the 5 people you surround yourself with”?

Well, what happens when you are trying to grow, learn and change and you realize the top ‘5’ people in your inner circle are not your biggest cheerleaders, don’t actually fit into the vision you have for your life and are negative complainers and life-suckers?

Now that’s a tough one.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, with whom and where we choose to allocate our time and energy is an affliction that every single one of us face at some point on the rollercoaster.

So, what are our options?

We can keep the ‘5’ in the name of cordiality, we can brashly and abruptly axe anyone out of our lives for good knowing they are hindering our amazing successful selves(insert slight sarcasm here), or we can thoughtfully recognize the need to take action and, in love, reevaluate our boundaries and strategize where our time is being prioritized.

On my journey navigating this process, what it has come down to over the years of giving too much of my time, taking too much of others’ and overall being confused as to what the proper or right thing to do is, is that I don’t actually need any one individual person…or 5…to be successful or be my best self. I know this because I already have the best-of-the-best business advisor, helper and friend.

What? You may be asking…

As one of my favourite speakers notes, “We suffer much agony because we try to get from people what only God can give us, which is a sense of worth and value. Look to God for what you need, not to people”. — Joyce Meyer

Indeed it is important to learn and implement healthy boundaries because not doing so can affect your joy and peace and while it definitely helps to have more positivity in your life, you CAN be successful, you CAN start that business, you CAN grow your business and you CAN be the one who becomes that positive light to others (and yourself!)...even if you don’t have those ‘Top 5’.