The Wilderness

My husband and I went for a hike in the wilderness today. It’s our favourite hike within the Kamloops area.

The hike, named Battle Bluffs, is about a 20 minute drive from our house and takes an average of 70 minutes at a moderate pace round trip. That is, however, if we embrace our usual routine of stopping at the top to have some water and snap a few pics of the stunning local view (like the one above that we took today).

We were standing on top of our favourite spot enjoying the slight leg burn of the first hike of the year. And while things seemed routine and otherwise unremarkable, we recognized that life as we know it is different…very, very different. We were in the middle of the wilderness as usual but as we looked around, the views today took on an alternate form.

These days especially, it’s easy to see the chaos and feel fear, uncertainty and panic. There are many unknown answers and many people are faced with decisions they wish they never had to make.

One thing I have learned over the years is that God will give us just what we need to hear, just what we need to read and give us the exact provisions we need to get through at just the right moment we need it…no earlier and no later. It may not be in our timing…and pro tip from learning the hard way…it never is and it most likely will look nothing at all what we had thought it would look like. And am I ever glad things didn’t work out my way, though the road was not always easy.

Anyway, each morning before the kids and my husband are up (Daisy the Morkie is up but she just eats a treat and goes back to bed), I take that time of quiet solace and open my Bible. I finished Revelation a bit ago and have been coming back around to Genesis and now in Exodus. This morning I was smack dab in the middle of it. My daily read ended at Exodus 13 when the Israelites started out on their journey into the wilderness. The chapter today ended at Exodus 20–22 (NLT) which says,

“Leaving Succoth, they camped at Etham on the edge of the wilderness. The LORD guided them by a pillar of cloud during the day and a pillar of fire at night. That way they could travel whether it was day or night. And the LORD did not remove the pillar of cloud or pillar of fire from their sight.”

As we hiked through the ice, snow and slippery muddy wooded area up toward the top of the Bluff today, I looked up and saw the summit point of the hike. It’s a sight that is easy to discern and helps direct hikers where they should go. When I stood at the top to grab a sip of water and snap the photo above, I remembered the Israelites and what I had read earlier today.

While we all journey through this scary, difficult, rocky, twisting time of unknowns, we can fix our eyes on the ‘pillar’ for direction. We can go to Jesus and cast our fears on Him. We can accept His love, peace, wisdom and endurance and know that His promises never fail. He loves us so much and even if we have nobody or we feel scared or alone, we have Him…and He has us.

As I’m typing this listening to music, the song Way Maker came through my headphones on Youtube (told ya He always come through at the perfect time).

Again…He will always answer when you ask and He always shows up. He is our Way Maker in the wilderness.

Song- ‘Way Maker’:

shorter version:

longer version:

(***Below are two more bonus tracks that are favourites and on my heart to share- Enjoy)




Helping people connect-the-dots by showing them where to find answers for life. The Bible - it's all in there.

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Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

Becky Boughton - 'SOME STUFF TO CONSIDER...'

Helping people connect-the-dots by showing them where to find answers for life. The Bible - it's all in there.

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