“These two…99.9% of the time, I really like them. Other times, not so much.

Most of the time they like me (surely). But sometimes, they REALLY don’t.

All of the time — I love them…more than life itself.

I think I’m a cool Mom.

Even though I usually don’t know anything, I treat them like they’re babies, I’m a ‘boomer’, I’m not vibin’, I’m super cringe and my music choices suck, I know they appreciate me and would half admit that they like hanging out with me here and there.

I’m grateful to have the highest honour and responsibility to be entrusted with caring for these two boys for as long as I am given the task…until they are called home to be with Jesus.

Braden, turning 16 in two weeks, is my first born. Thoughtful, kind and ridiculously intelligent, he loves hugs and is almost always first to the punch to give them out. He is determined, funny, forgiving and witty. On Wednesday, he starts the first step toward his dream career of becoming a commercial pilot. Officially enrolled in the PPL program here, Braden will legally be able to fly a plane at 17 years old before he technically can drive a car.

Luke just turned 9 at the end of March. He likes trendy clothes and anything art. He wants his first car to be an Aston Martin Vulcan and that’s his final answer. For that sake, I’m sure glad he’s the entrepreneurial one. Luke has a discerning spirit and goes out of his way to give others the best first. He is my hospital-prone child and keeps me on my toes.

Each year today since my 11th brithday, I remember my Mom, Nancy, the one who chose me. She quietly fell asleep at the dinner table while out celebrating her special day. She left us on Mother’s Day- May 11, 1992 due to a massive brain aneurysm that no one expected and certainly didn’t see coming. She was Mom to everybody and everybody adored her. She was 49.

On this day I also remember Rose, the one who gave me life and who loved me so, so dearly. Her life was hard but she did the best she could with the challenges she faced. Though she did not have the capacity to care for me as well as she wanted, when we reunited in my adult years, I and the boys (her only child and two only grandchildren) became her entire world. Rose passed away at Hospice from pancreatic cancer 6 years ago. She too was 49.

Tonight, I had the privilege of sharing a dinner of filet mignon and strawberry rhubarb pie with Kathy. She married my Dad after Nancy passed away and is highly deserving of these top awards; perseverance, organization, best mint-chip Nanaimo bars, listening, compassion and cake-making. She has had to put up with a lot dealing with us Boughtons. We are a big family with big lives and she cares for us well.

I enjoy this day, I celebrate it.

I celebrate the memories…the good memories of the sounds of laughter, the funny looks, the thoughtful gifts, the adventures, the lessons, the shared meals, the kissed knees and the secure embraces.

I celebrate what I still have…the best Nana any grandchild could ask for, a listening ear full of mercy and grace, the experiences I get to have with my boys, the snuggles I’m still allowed (for now!) to give, the jokes we get to share and time I get to spend with them.

Motherhood is amazing. It’s a calling. It’s a gift.

It’s also a job no one is ever actually prepared for. There are no dress rehearsals and you don’t get lessons. I’m under-qualified and overqualified. I can be elated and exhausted…all at the same time. I don’t love always having to cook, clean, do laundry or be a taxi (no, this doesn’t mean I’m ungrateful for what I have)….but in this game of Motherhood, I simply don’t get a choice.

These two…I love you Braden and Luke, more than you will ever know. You are my favourites and I love how you test me, make me laugh and love me…even when I’m sometime not the most loveable. Thank you for choosing me as your Mom. Thank you for allowing me to love you.

To all the Mother’s (or whatever variation of it that you go by)much love, many high-fives and big hugs to each one of you today.

(PS: Remember you’re doing a great job, okay?)


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