“They Will Never Know…”

I just sat down to write.

Tonight’s tune choice is throwback Marley… ‘One Love’ to be precise. It seemed like a fitting song to go with/counteract some of the vibes out there these days.

Pouring Luke his bowl of cereal before bed combined with the nostalgia of the music brought me back to my childhood mornings and bedtime routine.

The daily usual breakfast in our house was a choice of Rice Krispies, Corn Flakes, (Plain) Cheerios or Raisin Bran (but that was usually reserved for Dad because it was his favourite…though I often picked out the giant sugar-coated raisins).

It was tradition in our house that on each of our birthdays the birthday boy or girl, for one day, got to move outside of those mundane, flavourless and economical breakfast choices and choose ANY cereal of our liking. I always chose Lucky Charms and it was a highly anticipated annual event in my little life.

During those years, I was the youngest in the family and it was never long after that first celebratory bowl, even though the choice cereal was ‘technically’ reserved for the birthday child, that my beloved Charms would somehow mysteriously disappear…very quickly.

It turned out that the famed leprechaun slogan was more than just a catchy phrase…indeed my siblings were always “always after [my] Lucky Charms”.

Even though the dye and sugar-filled contents didn’t last very long in my house, being able to have first dibs on opening the box, I was always content knowing I’d be able to get my hands on the coveted cereal box prize.

And any of you 80’s kids know exactly what I’m talking about.

“Got it!” I would excitedly say to myself.

There was so much wonder and anticipation of reaching elbow-deep in the box that I never even blinked an eye at getting crumbs and marshmallow pieces stuck under my fingernails or that they also covered my entire arm and arm hair.

Tonight, taking up the entire area of the back of Luke’s Honey Nut Cheerios, I read this;

“REDEEM FOR YOUR FREE MOVIE TICKET” “REDEEM ONLINE” (note: and this is after collecting TWO boxes worth of coupons)

How incredibly boring.

What year did Kelloggs, Post and General Mills collectively decide to stop the prizes? Does anyone know why the epitome of fun, suspense and highlight of every child’s morning routine stopped? Did some kid swallow the grow-your-own dinosaur that came at the bottom of Fruity Pebbles or hurt themselves with the sheet of tattoos in their Cap’N Crunch?

Anyway, as I was watching Luke just sit there…not even having the joy of doing a word-find, maze or ‘find the difference’ challenge, I thought “Wow…just like money cakes…they will never know.”

(PS: let’s bring back money cakes and cereal prizes shall we?)




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