‘Third Of The Way’

This blog is number 124 of 365 and I’m a little over a third of the way to my goal of blogging for 365 days straight.

Some days ideas pop in my head to write about and other days I sit down and hope something comes.

I wouldn’t say tonight is complete writers block but perhaps it’s my lack of being able think of something interesting or maybe it’s that I simply don’t feel like writing. It could also be a combination of fatigue, repetition, much on the brain, Daisy being a level 25 on the annoying scale or that I’d like to finish the movie Jeff and I started (because I’m certain we’ve never made it through a movie without needing to feed people, a phone ringing or something else that warrants our attention).

Consistency is the key to attaining anything great or worthwhile…even if it’s just for yourself so I will keep going though some blogs turn out meh.

Since there isn’t much up there in the skull tonight, I’m throwing the plug out there for suggestions in the future for when the next time this situation occurs.

Thank you for offering up your ideas, inspirations or questions!

That’s it.