‘This Guy’

The very few.

There are few people in life who can be categorized in that 5% group who make the world more fun, more interesting and overall just better for being here.

You know…they are the people who don’t operate with a lot of grey area. You get what you get with them.

Even when they have their own life stuff going on you know they value your time, genuinely want to chat or go out of their way to help others if they can swing it.

They are intriguing people.

They often have hidden or quiet talents, find humour in the ordinary, engage in living life as big as possible, they read books, do cool things, give back to those around them and participate in worthy and unique causes.

They don’t think themselves (or at least they don’t show it) above others and when you interact with them, you feel like you matter…that you are ‘key’…because you are.

So, I introduce you to Feet Banks…the only dude I trust with words.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —


Copy is written material- words- text- and in business, good or bad copy can mean success or failure. Period.

“First-class copy should reflect your creativity, originality and ability to see things from a different perspective. It should accentuate your desire to resonate with a large, diverse audience and your ability to address the specific needs and requirements of all your categories of readers. Moreover, it should indicate the fact that you have a vast knowledge and can anticipate, analyze and explain new trends and concepts faster and better than any of your main rivals. In short, great copy shows that you’re good with words and you know it.”-socialmediatoday.com

Sure, I have a decent handle on writing in a general sense, I write these blogs and can get the basic gist across to people when needed.

But then there are superhuman copywriters like Feet Banks who are next level.

— — — — — — — — — — — — —

I met Feet about 20 or so years ago when I moved to Whistler to pursue my dreams (along with every other ‘shred head’ out there) of one day becoming a professional snowboarder.

Whistler was a hard sell and I though my snowboard skills held their own and I made my way into the coolish ‘inner circle’ of sponsored riders and mountain locals, it often seemed like a perpetual race to be the loudest, biggest, baddest and coolest.

But Feet (and his late best friend Chili) weren’t like everyone else.

Always kind and always predictable, in the most unpredictable sense, Feet was and has always been solid. He values his friends, is truthful when you need to hear it yet says it in ways where you don’t feel like a complete idiot and he’s been a supportive go-to over the years for my writing journey.

Feet is incredibly skilled and can tailor words to any style, company, project, brand or person.

“Born in 1976 [he was] raised in Northern BC without electricity and his first friend was a rooster named Houdini. At age 12 his parents moved him to Whistler to live the dream.” — whistlersritersfest.com

Feet currently lives in the Coast Mountains and runs the Heavy Hitting HorrorFest in Whistler B.C. He is also the editor of Mountain Life Magazine and likes to spend his spare time fishing, hiking and camping.

He’s using some of the COVID downtime to launch his own website that should be ready this fall.

Working with Feet, I can 99.9% guarantee you’ll be able to help others better, sell your stuff faster and get your business out to the world easier using the best words possible…because he is, well…the best with words.

Hit him up at the email below and checkout his wit, passion and creativity at mountainlifemedia.ca

Email: feet@heavyhitting.com




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