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‘This One Comes Close’

In Search Of The Perfect Cinnamon Bun

I’m not sure about your vacation-homecoming-routine, but ours is such that we arrange for Daisy to be picked up the next day so we can get sorted with life and not be rushed to make it to kennel close.

All of us help get everything out of the vehicle, we empty the dirty laundry from our bags at the door and then fire them in the machine. Promptly after that, the boys can be found behind closed doors chatting with their friends on video games for a while.

Luke popped over to the neighbours today when we got home, played and went to the skate park with the other kids. Our amazing neighbour Ash and Rob cooked us bbq and brought over salad too…we are so lucky to have them and everyone needs those kinds of neighbours in their lives.

As I was unpacking more bags upstairs I came across two of the four (yes- four) cinnamon buns…in separate containers of course so as not to smudge the cream cheese icing…we had purchased earlier in the day before we left Coal Harbour.

We had eyed them up all trip and bought them out on our last day.

Basically the buns are a sweet, gooey, buttery, crunchy, cinnamonny, circular croissant topped with rich (but not too sugary) perfect-consistency cream cheese icing. The above photo does not do this piece of amazingness any justice.

I’m a self-professed cinnamon bun snob and I think I’ve even wrote about this in the past. Still yet to find the perfect one thus far, I’ve also proven to be useless at attempting to make them myself. I will keep trying.

Cafe Villaggio-Coal Harbour.

This cafe offered a close winner as mentioned above except without the availability of nuts or raisins so I couldn’t give it first place.

Bohemia Bakery, Motivo, Cobs and that place that’s not there anymore up near Gourmet Greens in Kamloops have decent ones. Sun Peaks has amazing sticky buns but still they are missing the cream cheese and other options.

I’ve mentioned before that Pure Bread in Whistler has ridiculous everything and I also came across an insane cake place on Denman called True Confections which has been around since 1984 so you know their stuff has to be good. The slices were just shy of $10.00 a piece, however, they are about 8 inches high and 3 or so inches wide and of flavours that range from Devil’s Food to Matcha Green Tea to Strawberry Shortcake to Salted Caramel and Coconut Cream Pie. We chose the last two but everything looked like a must- try.

I still haven’t found a winning cinnamon bun yet because, in my opinion, sometimes the icing is too sweet or I can taste margarine instead of butter in the icing. Sometimes the buns are gooey with no crunch and sometimes they are dry with not goo at all.

So my question is, do you have a secret bakery you know of with a winning cinnamon bun? I’d love to know because though this one came close, I’m still in search of the perfect bun.


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