“Those One Star Days”

Today was one of those ‘busy’ yet substantially unproductive business days.

You ever have one of those? You know, the ones where you do a lot of things and get almost nothing on your list done?

I didn’t lift weights like I planned to do, ate way too much sugar and crappy filler food, I didn’t cross off much on my list of corporate to-do’s for LIVN&GIVN and I didn’t get dinner on the *counter* until 9pm.

It was a one-star day for sure…

And I’m learning to be cool with that.

I did, however, have a five-star day in the living life department:

  • I went for nice walk in the sun by the airport and had a visit with Kathy.
  • Chatted on the phone with one of my closest girlfriends for over an hour while making a late dinner that had vegetables in it and I didn’t resort to Kraft Dinner or tomato soup.
  • Had a great meeting with a newer friend where we went over some business items and got more acquainted.
  • I got to watch Braden do circuits like a boss.
  • I had encounters and conversations that reminded me again of everything I have to be grateful for.


  • I got to see pictures of Luke having a blast camping with the in-laws.

Tomorrow is a new day and important work will get done. But today was important too. It was important to be okay with not getting all the things done and to simply take in what came my way.

It’s 23:18 and that’s all I got. Time to hit the shower and put this sugar-induced pounding head on my pillow.



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