With dogs being family members too, it can be hard to leave them when heading out of town.

We tried a different place last year before we found the kennel she goes to now and let’s just say, after that short stay, we made sure to find a new one promptly.

TLC Pet Resort…one of Daisy’s favourite spots where she will be hanging out for a few days.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — -

I knew of Tammy in high school.

Though I didn’t know her well, what I remembered about her was that she loved horses…well, all animals actually. So when I pulled up to TLC for the first time for Daisy’s (free) trial night last fall, I knew she was in good hands when I saw Tammy behind the desk.

Both young kids and dogs are the same in this way:

They know what they like and don’t like…and you can tell.

When Braden was little, one daycare we had him in (for a very brief time) was similar to Daisy’s first kennel experience.

We just had ‘that’ feeling whenever we picked him up. For the short time he was there (until we figured out what was going on) he would be tired, a bit skittish, cranky and generally ‘off’ when we would see him at the end of the day. After a few suspicions of inadequate care, the last straw was when we showed up and one of the workers didn’t see us and they were screaming at little B (he was 2 at the time). The worker turned around and tried to cover it up. I was NOT happy and needless ti say he never returned to that centre.

Daisy’s first experience seemed similar. Though clearly not a daycare, the place seemed a bit odd. You know…When you can’t pin point it but you can feel when a vibe is just different? Cold? Negative? Daisy never returned after her first stay.

Back to TLC.

Pulling up the driveway, there are signs to let you know what to do and check-in is strategic. There are security cameras of all the areas and everything is extremely clean. Only one owner is allowed in the check-in area at a time…and that was even before COVID. They ensure all your information is up to date, feeding instructions are accurate, they want to know where you are headed and they confirm your emergency contact.

When I say that Daisy goes to a kennel, some people think…barking dogs in a dark, cold room in metal crates all lined up and sad.

But at TLC, Daisy literally jumps out of the car and can’t wait to play with her ‘friends’. Dog’s actions and reactions are honest and they tell a lot. They sense things. You know when they are scared, happy, apprehensive and when they dislike something or someone. Daisy being excited to play right out of the was the first sign that we were in the right place.

Each ‘guest suite’ is bright and colourful and they are kept very clean. The suites are inside a building that is heated and cooled. All of the staff adore animals, know them by name and treat them like their own. They even take cats, reptiles, birds and hamsters too.

There’s a healthy schedule, adequate down time and dogs are let out to play in different groups according to their size and ability…there is even an ‘energetic seniors’ group ;) The staff posts many pictures to Facebook everyday so you can see and check in on your pup if desired.

There are covered and uncovered outside play areas, structures for them to play on and larger areas to get their wiggles out. Play is always supervised.

Lastly, you can book online and communication is great. Always available by email, Tammy and her staff make sure your beloved family member is beyond well taken care of.

If you added to your family recently or have been searching for a good ‘home away from home’, TLC Pet Resort is the place to be.


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