‘Undies Or Mask?’

There’s no doubt COVID-19 has brought change and uncertainty for many.

School, work, hobbies, organized sports, shopping, enjoying a dinner out, interacting with friends and family…there really hasn’t been an area of life unaffected.

Though this situation is unprecedented and new to most, not everything experienced has been negative.

We’ve seen positive effects such as the alleviation of pollution in waterways allowing wildlife to flourish, clearer skies because of the same and people taking a closer look at their health and wellbeing. There has been a shift in priorities, better hygiene practices, new innovations toward how our society operates and the intentional cultivation of genuine relationships.

Though I’m not at all a fan of the littering of gloves, masks and other garbage related to this pandemic, the four of us discovered a new game called ‘undies or mask’ to play in the mess of things.

The crinkled up masks laying on the sidewalks look like they could be something else…like a pair of undies…and sometimes we can’t tell…

Might as well get a laugh throughout this craziness when we can right?

(fyi…if possible, we make sure to pick them up after the ‘game’ is done)

What new activities, thoughts or understandings has COVID prompted you to do, laugh at or discover?


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