📷Photo Of Luke: Courtesy of the amazing Westcoast Digital Crew Andrew Laporte and Brianna Williams

‘Unique Experiences’

Small Things-Big Impacts

LIVN&GIVN — “Because Every Heart Can Make A Difference”

There’s a defining spirit of who Luke is and what makes up the heartbeat of LIVN&GIVN.

Love and give back to others…that’s it.

We want people to feel heard, safe and above all — -special…because they are.

While partial proceeds from the sale of each item sold go toward the B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation, we also wanted to incorporate a fun and interactive aspect to the giving component of our company so we are taking additional proceeds that will go toward unique experiences for deserving or ailing children, youth (or their Moms).

There are a few reasons we chose this direction.

Luke, having been the recipient of memorable life-changing experiences such as supercar parade rides, a trip to Toronto to hang with the Blue Jays for DQ’s Miracle Treat Day amongst other cool things, has cultivated and grown his philanthropic spirit.

He has a huge heart for giving to others and loves to give people special things he knows they will appreciate. Having spent a lot of time in children’s hospitals for his own health stuff, he is compassionate and considerate of those who have had trials. Though very much a little rough-and-tumble ‘bro’, his heart is full of empathy and he is an emotional guy.

Adding another perspective and reason for doing what we are doing, I had a few struggles of my own while rearing Luke. Being pregnant with him while going through chemo, surgery and treatment for breast cancer and being a wife and mother to then seven year-old Braden brought its own unique challenges.

I’ll never forget my girlfriend Philipa making healthy, nutrient-dense muffins for me to take home one day. To even think about making food, let alone having the capacity to make really healthy food, was a tough one and even more so when I was beyond exhausted and sick.

What a relief it would have been to have had a magical fairy to help me with packing lunches, cleaning my house, taking Braden to school, including him in fun activities to help take the guilt off of his incapacitated mother. Let’s not mention chemo brain wasn’t nice and daily functioning was less than optimal though it had to be done.

The strength I needed for each day did somehow show up. I believe and know the energy I could not find was found through being a recipient of those seemingly little love gestures from others (such as those muffins). The ‘small’ things delivered a big impact and doing life together matters.

With COVID-19 travel restrictions here to stay for a while (or indefinitely), with money being tight for many, heightened stress due to all kinds of variables, if we can put a smile on just one person’s or family’s face and allow them to step out of their pain or trial for even a short time, it’s all worth it.

And so, this is a partial plea/brainstorming session ask to come up with or narrow down a few of the best, most fun and memorable experiences we could possibly give someone locally…all of the above considered.

Here are some Luke-approved experiences so far…please feel free to help me add anything fun, crazy and/or helpful to the list :) :

  • 4 Cats Art Camp Pro-D Day Tuition
  • Rookie Racer Day At KartPlex At Area 27
  • A Ride In An Airplane
  • Staycation At A Hotel With A Pool
  • River City Gymnastics Pro-D Day Tuition
  • Lift Ticket To Sun Peaks, Harper Mountain, Silver Star, Big White Or Apex
  • Mountain Biking Pass And Lunch
  • Winter Tubing Experience At Harper Mountain
  • 3 Hours Of House Cleaning (Mom)
  • Professional Organizer Hire (Mom)
  • (COVID-19 friendly) Ride In A Supercar (Ferrari, Lambo, McLaren Etc.)
  • Back -To-School Clothing Shop GC Aberdeen Mall
  • Try Cliffside Climbing Gym
  • Mother/Daughter Pedicure At Your Escape Day Spa
  • Pair Of Snowshoes
  • Gardening Starter Kit
  • Back-To-School Basket Of ‘Mom-Approved’ Essentials (Mom)
  • Meet A Famous Local Athlete …Helen Schettini, Brett Tippie, Kris Foster, Brett Turcotte (for example ;) Who else is there that I can’t think of or you know would perhaps be willing to participate in surprising a deserving little?
  • Meet And Play Music With A Famous Musician
  • Basket Of Lunch Stuff For School Lunches (Mom)
  • Myra Canyon Adventure Park
  • New Fancy Flattering Bathing Suit From La Vie En Rose Or Somewhere Else (Mom)
  • Revelstoke Mountain Coaster Passes
  • Signed LIVN&GIVN Hat Or T From Someone Inspirational
  • Signed Model Car From DD Exotics Guys Or Other Cool YouTuber
  • Scooter
  • Private Ice Cream Party At Scoopz Ice Cream Parlour
  • (COVID-19-friendly) Ride In A Classic Hot-Rod
  • Small Bouncy Castle
  • Ogopogo Parasailing
  • Basket Of Art And Supplies
  • Remote Control Car Or Truck
  • 18 Hole Golf Pass Or Camp
  • Oyama Zipline Forest Adventure
  • Fishing Rod And Gear Starter Kit

Disclaimer: — I have not asked any of the above places or people to partner with or help me yet. The above list is simply just fun ideas so far.

However, if you have any leads or know any of these businesses or people and you think they may consider helping us with giving a life-changing experiences to a deserving or ailing child or youth (or Mom!), we would absolutely welcome the connection.

Live Big, Give Big

LIVN&GIVN — “Because Every Heart Can Make A Difference”

-Becky & Luke



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