‘What An Idiot’

The Dos and Don’ts Of A Rib Injury

“Oh, no.”, I sit here thinking to myself…”I’m going to sneeze.”

Never in my life have I been this terrified of sneezing.

  • Rest within reason. Something that doesn’t happen much but I’m trying where I can or not shovelling with both arms.
  • Even if you use the unaffected side…the affected side still hurts like crazy with everything you do. It hurts to breathe, move, sleep, walk, cut food, wash hands, cough, laugh and certainly sneeze…the dreaded sneeze.
  • Make sure to always take big breaths to keep the lungs working…deep breaths stave off pneumonia and, well, oxygen is a good thing to have in your lungs.
  • Keep moving as much as you can and don’t sit still for too long.
  • Don’t wash your floors by hand four days after.
  • Ice the area.
  • Hold a pillow against your chest when coughing or sneezing.
  • Sleep…however you can get comfortable.
  • When in doubt…and if this annoying pain doesn’t subside at least a little bit in another week or two, I’ll ask my doc what’s up.
  • Standing out in the cold for over an hour makes it feel worse.
  • Wrapping a separated rib is debatable…as your doc.

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