‘What’s For Lunch?’

School’s Back…So Are Packed Lunches

I’m grateful to be able to have food to pack my kids a lunch.

I was also grateful to have had a break from the daily task for such a time as the last 6 months.

  • Miss Vickies multi-variety kettle chips. They prefer the sweet chili and sour cream kind so I usually end up with the left over kinds that they ‘have’ to eat. I’ve tried the big bag and portioning it but reality has brought me to the conclusion that they end of going bad. As much as I love the environment, there’s something in a package and I have to pick my battles.
  • Mini hummus and cracker packs.
  • Homemade dehydrated apple chips.
  • Mott’s sugar-free fruit sauces.
  • Nitrite-free pepperoni sticks and sausages.
  • Colourless Koolaid drink pouches (once in a while).
  • Carrot sticks and other cut up veg and fruit.
  • Cheese and crackers
  • A sandwich (yes…sigh…on a white bun)
  • Soup, pasta or chili in a thermos
  • Homemade chocolate chip cookies
  • Individually packaged animal crackers (same issue as with the chips)
  • aaaannnddddd leftovers.

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