Having other businesses and going through the process a few times before, choosing a business name can prove to be surprisingly complicated but also not really.

Though we knew there were a decent amount of variables to consider when deciding on a good fit for Luke’s little clothing company, these are some questions we had to ask ourselves; Is it already taken?, Are the words already trademarked? Does it mean something inappropriate in another language?, Does it resonate in our gut well?, Does it represent Luke well and what the intention of the project is?

Many trade or company names have nothing to do with what the business is actually selling so we weren’t overly concerned with that.

As my one girlfriend hilariously reassured me, “It wouldn’t make two bits of difference if you were called Yellow Banana or Tree Sprouts …They just get it because they align with your values and your name starts to become associated with those memories.”

How true that is.

After flip-flopping and spending days thinking, re-doing and sitting on it, it just popped up out of nowhere and in no way was anything like what we had thought. It sat good in our gut so that was that and here we are.

Looking back at where we started and the variations we went through, though, made for a few laughing moments no doubt.

But, regardless of what the name is, at the core of the project is Luke’s heart…both literally and figuratively ;).

Luke’s never been one for limitations and that outlook on life often shows up in the form of scrapes, broken bones, bruises, sore limbs, hospital visits and other stuff that signals he is living big on his terms.

He knows he may not end up changing the world but if he can make another kid smile or if he can inspire others to go ‘full send’ and live big in whatever way that is for them, then he is good with that.

He also knows that with the ability to live big comes the responsibility to care big and give big.

Thanks for cheering him on x,


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