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‘What’s In Their Lunch Box?’

Protein Options For The Littles

The spoon maybe…and possibly the orange but the five-course meal from scratch? That’s a big nope.

Today, one buttered bun returned to the kitchen without the meat inside. I guess that’s okay enough as he at least ate some protein. The other sandwich came home completely untouched and 100% guarantee it won’t get eaten tomorrow either if I re-pack it. *Sigh*

Yes, I’ve tried the ‘you pack your own’ and it’s not better of a tactic here.

As I sit writing this, I’m currently consuming part of the returned bun because with every part of my being I loathe wasting food. Even though I don’t particularly like eating buns, I just can’t toss it — although Daisy will get a few bites as a treat which will help the cause.

Do they even know how much meat or a stick of butter costs these days? ha!

Oh, how I rejoice at the written note on my calendar that reads, “hot lunch day”. On those days, a bunch of snacks get tossed in the Costco lunch kit cooler bag and bam…done.

I should know better than to pack items that will only get out for a field trip and then return back home but between potentially getting judged for not being a caring enough parent and genuinely wanting my kids to eat decently, I pack whatever will fit the bill.

Luke is usually sold on soft tacos wraps with beef and cheese, pasta in a thermos, sausage and crackers or leftover chicken and rice.

Braden is good with a ham, pickle, mustard and mayo sandwich, any left overs that he likes…packed in a thermos, or sausage and crackers.

Thankfully my sister is dropping off the Colombo Lodge pasta fundraiser for her non-profit organization Big Bear Child & Youth Advocacy Center (definitely check ’em out-such a worthy cause) because that means BOTH boys will have leftovers for tomorrow and lunches are already done! Thanks sis.



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