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‘Why I Deleted Apps From My Phone’

Time, brain cells, eyeballs and my rear end decided enough was enough of being on electronic devices for the hours I was.

The funny thing about that gig is basically every career-type job I’ve ever had has been physical labour, industry/trade work and I’ve always loathed sitting down or spending more time on the computer than I want.

I’m a tactile learner and enjoy working with my hands so sitting on a chair or staring on my phone was that last thing I really wanted to be doing.

Studying, researching and taking social media courses were very worthwhile since most of everyone in North American society incorporates at least one platform or another into their everyday functioning.

I learned a lot.

There were many take-aways from watching, reading and doing. Those were the good parts.

The not-so-good parts? Social media work takes a LOT out of you, so to run four platforms almost full-time for each one of them was not my best decision ever.

Whether for business or personal use, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, TikTok and LinkedIn have millions upon millions of daily…hourly…by-the-minute users.

I eventually became more annoyed in general and stressed that my delivery wasn’t up-to-par — and it wasn’t because I was doing too much of that work for one person to sustain long-term.

Also, I actually can’t stand being on social media or my phone, period.

When I was in the network marketing industry, I tried so hard to get into the vibe of it all, keep up with the rest of them, post regularly and try to convey reality in some capacity.

I tried…I really did.

For the purpose of communication, for business interactions, to see what my friends and/or their families are up to and sometimes, for brief entertainment…logging on still has to happen.

Not big on tons of phone apps and wanting to have an excuse to not be online so much constantly travelling down the App Hole, early December 2020 seemed like as good a time as ever.

I deleted Instagram completely for all of our accounts including the business ones, deleted every non-factory app and Luke-downloaded game off my phone (even banking and Messenger) except MyHealthPortal to see a report but I will re-delete it tonight. I may re-load GuitarTuna (such a cool app to tune a guitar) but, then again, I might as well learn how to on my own…the old school way.

Do you know how hard it is to delete an account for anything? I don’t mean logging off or unsubscribing, I mean deleting your account and personal info that comes with a sign-up to anything.

Like, even a Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum account…near impossible. Try it.

That experience was a serious red flag and confirmed my urge to purge.

Now it’s just me and Facebook (which I know has all my info as does Google and the rest of the world) but at least I feel a little better not having access to anything from my phone.

Because I really don’t need it.

I’m happier, my time is allocated more intentionally and I certainly don’t miss the ‘checking’ urge or scrolling.

Now to post this and get off Facebook…


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