BLOG 74/365

“Why Not You?”

“Similar to Braden’s affinity for all things planes and flying, since from as early as I can remember, Luke has been drawn to supercars and creative clothing styles.

He is as right-brained as they come.

Luke’s emotional, expressive, inventive and has always had a vibrant imagination. His favourite classes in school (when there was school) are gym, music and art.

When Luke fires up his iPad, he is most commonly seen scrolling through websites of high-fashion labels and looking at the crazy designs (and prices) or watching videos of Lambos, Ferraris, Masteratis or Ford GTs doing their thing.

He knows the in’s and out’s of 99% of all the sports cars that drive by, what their make and model are and if they have stock or custom parts. Summertime when the fancy seasonal whips come out to cruise the streets and travelling to Vancouver where those types of cars are more commonly seen are dreamy times for him.

Last year Luke had the opportunity to participate in the Driven Project-Supercar Therapy.

“The Driven Project provides once-in-a-lifetime supercar experiences for kids who have spent much of their childhoods battling terrible/terminal illnesses.”

Thanks to a dear friend, Braden and I were also generously given the chance to cruise in some of the sweet rides too. B got to cruise in a Ferrari 458 and a Lamborghini Huracán and I got to go in an Audi R8 and an Aston Martin Vantage…yep, the James Bond car.

Even cooler was the Vancouver Police Department escorted us on an hour long tour through the city and closed down large stretches of highway to allow us free reign to open up and get up to the high speeds those amazing machines are capable of. We stopped at Match Eatery to grab some grub and play some games then it back on the open road.

That day was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The best part, though, was spending the day with the other participants, building community with them and being allowed into their lives and the hardships they were/are facing if even for the day. What amazing feats they face and our hearts are forever touched by those brave little souls and their families.

Luke is a compassionate and caring guy. Having had to endure all the meds and chemotherapy I received while in utero when I was pregnant with him and having 3 heart issues of his own, Luke, through spending a lot of time in hospitals, really feels for those suffering. Mercy is truly a gift of his.

As I mentioned before, he likes trendy clothes, fast cars and loves to create art.

A while ago when he was painting on canvas, Luke showed me his final product. “Look Mom, I did my own signature right down here”, he said. When he showed me his ‘signature’ I thought it was super creative and cool-looking.

Well, that took us to where we are today.

That painting ‘signature’ has now officially passed into trademark registration. (and if you are in need of an amazing trademark attorney, ours is out-of-this-world incredible).

Still working on prototypes, design and some other stuff, we hopefully will be sourcing on Canadian soil (still in conversation with manufacturers). The above pics are very simple renderings but gives a basic gist of the bright, fun colours and inspo he is going for. Luke has created some really amazing custom pieces that we will continue to work on and he is excited to combine his four loves: art, fashion, cars and helping others.

While we obviously don’t know each fine detail yet and we are still working on a lot of things, Luke does know without a doubt that when he sells any items, he wants some proceeds to go toward the Driven Project because he wants to help kids experience what he was able to experience and also to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals because he has been/is a patient at two of them…and the CMNH also sent him to Toronto two years ago to hang out with the Toronto Blue Jays for DQ Blizzard Miracle Treat Day. That was another incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience. He -and we!-are forever grateful.

Some say don’t talk or share about business endeavours until they are up and running, other’s say go for it and gain support and feedback. Luke had ideas and when either of my boys talk about their dreams or passions and have doubts, I always ask, “Why not you, bud?”

We live life ‘full send’ so here it is folks. Now that the legal process for his trademark is official, here we are.

Thank you for supporting Luke and this little project that complements his BIG heart.

He said he wants an Aston Martin Vantage for his 16th birthday…hmmm, soooo I told him he better get grinding! ;)


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