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Migrating And Making Nests

This blog is taking things back to the ‘Some Stuff To Consider’ theme.

Today, I’m talking about birds. And not just any birds…birds of prey.

Eagles have been one of my favourite animals since forever. They symbolize strength, power, courage, focus and guidance. Eagles are at the top of their food chain with the largest recorded wingspan of 9 feet, 4 inches. They are large, mighty and majestic.

There’s just something special about seeing an eagle in action — whether soaring high or swooping down on the river for a fish. A favourite place of mine to visit and see eagles in their glory is Brackendale, B.C., especially in the fall.

Known as…

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Blessings & Favour

Sometimes it’s hard to see past the thickness of life, through the heavy, through the muck and the fog.

Like the sun on my face as I write this and the amazing horizon in the stock pic on this blog, each day there can be beauty from any amount of ashes.

There are various people that take credit for the famous quote that says, ‘What you focus on grows’…or something similar along those lines. Regardless who said it first, I like it, it’s a good one.

And it’s been proven true over and over again in my life.

Whether it’s regarding relationships, a job, health finances etc., what we say, do and think matters…obviously. …

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The Beat Of Life

When I was younger, I wasn’t always a fan of having to practice piano.

15 or 30 minutes a day, even if I had friends over, I had to sit and practice my chords, songs and drills so I could be ready for my next lesson.

Though I didn’t enjoy it then, throughout the years I have understood why learning music is such a privilege and how important it is to have an appreciation for beautiful melodies.

In elementary school I remember singing Neil Diamond’s Song Sung Blue in the citywide choir recital and we also learned folk songs such as The Ballad Of Davy Crockett, Kumbaya and Home On The Range.

On the…

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A Change Of Palate

I think I’ve blogged about this before but when I was younger my Mom would always eat those little licorice candies called Goodies. They were her favourite.

Pickled herring was another ‘treat’ that she often consumed.


Both of those were a huge nope for little Becky and these days, only the herring is still (and will forever be) out of question. On the other hand, curry, dijon mustard, horse radish, green tea, strong cheese, cottage cheese, rye or seedy bread, sauerkraut and sour cream are all foods I’ve grown a tolerable friendship with in my adult age.

I like liking more things as I grow older. Life is more interesting that way.

I’ve focused on food before, so tonight I’m zoning in on candies and the…

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Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup & Parmesan Cheese

Yay! Today marks the 10 day count down to 365 days of writing and I can say it is very much welcomed. It’s been an interesting challenge for various reasons.

The fridge or cupboard debate.

There’s an unofficial dispute in life between family members, between friends…about where to store certain opened food items.

Even though many of the items say ‘refrigerate after opening’ on their labels, it’s common to see some of these products stored in the kitchen pantry or cupboard.

Hot sauce, butter, the big green plastic container of powdered parmesan cheese, nut butters, raw nuts, seeds, dried fruit, real maple syrup, the no-need-for-refrigeration…

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Atta Guy Son!

As previously mentioned in a blog or two, Braden works at a store in town in the bakery department.

He applied a few times and finally got the job. He was so pumped. After working at a super fast-paced restaurant, the bakery position was an easy transition.

He does various tasks which include everything from prepping dough to cutting whatever they need to cut up to making garlic bread to stocking the shelves to preparing the giant chocolate chip cookies to topping the cinnamon buns.

Overall they have a great selection at the store and everything we’ve purchased so far in the bakery tastes really, really good.

Besides the great connections he’s made and the fact he likes working…

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I’ve Yet To Find A True Favourite

I drink a lot of water.

And I’m not a fan of drinking from plastic. Whether it be recyclable bottles or re-usable ‘safe-for-your-health’ ones (spoiler alert…they don’t actually exist), there’s too much info out there to not know how not great plastic is for your health.

I suppose a thermos with a thinly-lined glass insert and exterior rubber or plastic exterior to help with possible smashing is a good alternative.

Even when labels say ‘approved’, ‘safe’ ‘something-free’ etc. those don’t necessarily mean what consumers hope and are led to believe.

Taking glass everywhere seems somewhat impractical if it’s for a long adventure (or just if you’re…

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MIL’s And Spaghetti Dinners Win

Food gifts top my list of best things in life ever. ever.

I value them — a lot.

The thought, the usefulness, the time-saved, the mental energy salvaged, the sheer magnitude of how much any food gift helps the mental/physical/emotional load of mothers today is beyond describable.

Though I really don’t need to explain this unhealthy societal creation, do I?

Anyway, yesterday was one of THOSE days. Frustrating, lots of layers, loud conversations, too many strings pulling from too many directions etc.

The other week, one of my closest gf’s brought me lots of eggs…

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Mayday, Mayday

On a walk the other day with Luke, he noticed some green weeds sprouting up on a lawn as we passed by it.

The greenery may have been hiding under the snow all season but we think, due the warm weather we are having lately, the sprouts were new-ish.

Last year Jeff and Luke built a greenhouse together. One of my amazing sisters gave Luke a few plants of his choice and another sis gave him beautiful heirloom seeds.

We picked up a few additional varieties of good to cultivate — including some fruits and veggies — from the local greenhouse Art Knapps. I decided I was going to be gardener.

Luke has always been a natural green thumb so he had already…

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Just You and Me Man…And Daisy

Luke went skiing yesterday and had a lot of fun.

He’s been going up to the hill here and there and taking off to do runs with just another friend his age.

That whole thing and situations like it are new steps in the growing up process for him…being stuff more independently. As a mother, rearing a son who is has heart issues on top of being a ‘do first, learn later’ kind of guy, letting go of injury or tree well worries and fully trusting that he will spread his wings safely and wisely, has been a big step.

Becky Boughton

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