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…And Watching A Flick

Luke wanted to watch a movie tonight.

We’re clearly not at the cinema like in the pic but we do have a sweet Sony 42" I won 15 years ago that still works like new.

After dinner, we played some cards, a round of Pictionary and before his bedtime between picking up Braden from work, Luke was keen to take in a flick.

As a parent, with the daily shift and ‘career’ changes from morning to afternoon and now the evening stint, there was still a lot to do before bed.

Sometimes, though, stuff can wait. It simply has to.

Picking out the DVD from the oversized binder (yes…we’re happily stuck in the 90’s) and getting into our bed to snuggle, I told him I’d quickly finish this blog while we watched the start of the movie. …

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A Food State Debate

Looking at the last banana sitting on my counter earlier this evening, I grabbed it and put it down the hatch.

Just a tad too ripe for my optimal banana enjoyment, wasting food hurts my soul and I was 100% sure none of the other three would eat it so down it went.

Choosing how ripe a fruit will be before I eat it is indeed a ‘first-world’ problem. Yet looking at the large bunch of super ripe bananas beside it that were en route to become a baking ingredient, I already had too many for four dozen muffins and really didn’t want to have to make a half batch more.

Braden prefers bananas closer to the green side, Jeff and I like them the same way…a perfect yellow colour with full sweetness just on the cusp of turning too ripe and Luke just doesn’t do bananas…with the exception of putting them in smoothies and sometime muffins if he can’t see the fruit in it. …

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Here Goes Nothing…Learning As We Go!

I grabbed a standard roll of white Gutermann thread, my rose-printed flannel material and to the till we went.

Yes, the grade 9 boxer project.

With out too many scissor and needle injuries, I completed the task and was quite proud of my boxers, actually. I’m forgetting what exactly happened but soon after I brought them home, they ripped or had to be thrown out for some reason. Bummer — they were my favourite.

Learning to sew has always been on my life to-do list. Although these days when all said and done, it’s often more expensive to create items yourself, the quality and love into is well worth it.

Many of friend’s were in dance and some of their moms were amazing seamstresses. Some of the coolest Halloween costumes, dress-up outfits and pyjamas came from their houses. …

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The 2021 Options For School Valentine Messages

When I was little, I fondly remember folding along the corrugated lines and pressing out the style of valentine in the pic shown here.

They came in a large paper book of sorts and there would be a few different ones to each page.

I always looked forward to the afternoon before Valentines’ Day when we were allowed to design and staple together our ‘mail’ folders. The desktop yellowish-orange tote trays waited to be filled with paper and sometimes candy surprises.

Back then, there were no emailed class lists for inclusion purposes and we got what we got. Yes, unfortunately there were often tears from time to time and I’m glad the lists are now a thing.

I can’t remember when giving candy treats came about. Handmade or bought paper cut-outs were all I ever gave in elementary school. …

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You Know…Like Paddle Boarding

I know I’ve blogged about seeing paddle boarders in December when it was almost 10 degrees outside.

But yesterday, Braden and I saw two people paddle boarding on the river…here in Kamloops…in January…in -2 degrees celsius. That said, the average temperature in the Interior of B.C. is usually a lot colder at this time of year though we still thought it was interesting to see.

Watching them paddling out there definitely one-up’d the annual quick polar bear dips often taken on New Year’s day IMO.

Lately I’ve seen many online articles highlighting an increase of equipment purchases for activities such as ice fishing, outdoor skating, skiing and snowshoeing. …

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A Favourite Snack

A moment ago, when shovelling a palmful of salted BOOM CHICKA POP into my mouth, I figured I’d write about one of North America’s favourite snacks…well, one of our favourite snacks.

When I was little a bunch of us girls would regularly go to our friend Aurel’s house for sleepover parties.

Her mom was eating clean, all-natural and organic before it was even a ‘thing’ and people went so far as to consider her ways weird for the time (since it was in the middle of the 90’s after all).

Us little girls didn’t. We loved her cooking, her garden, her baking and being at their home. …

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It’s A Nice Sentiment But Not Always Entirely Possible…

The 3 R’s of waste management hierarchy…Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

I’ve heard those words get tossed around since about the mid 2000's.

Littering is ugly, gross and definitely worthy of financial penalty. I’m glad lawmakers finally put measures in place to help minimize the amount chip bags, pop cans and Big Mac wrappers that end up in the sagebrush around here.

It would also be a safe guess to say that no one is a fan of the yellow liquid-filled window washer fluid containers that often line the highways or of the engorged dirty diapers sweating it out in the summer heat…within a few feet from the garbage can at the local tot lot spray park. …

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Organic Produce Finds

Ya, I know, I’m talking about produce again.

It seems to be a common topic I write about but when I find a good sale, especially on food — organic food to boot — I have to share the love.

Also, writing on food is easy for me so it’s easy on the brain. And today is Friday so that in itself warrants a chill blog.

I made another batch of elderberry elixir this morning and was again grateful to enjoy my 2020 summer harvest. Chokecherry juice, elderberries, mullein, ginger, lemon, orange, cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, cloves and a bit of brandy for preservation was the mix this morning.

’Tis the season for prevention I guess. …

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Thrifting Again

Today was an errand day.

On the list was taking bottles back, small groceries and Costco, stopping by the dollar store, picking up and dropping off random things with people, picking up and dropping off kids to various activities and hitting up the thrift store.

Post-garage organizing last weekend, we still had a load to take to donate/get rid of. I tried to pawn some of the items off on friends I thought may be interested but that didn’t work out.

So into the Corolla it went and off I drove.

Thankfully I showed up at the store(s) at the correct drop-off times as some are closed on most days and others only open for a short window of time on a specific day. …

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The App Hole

I used to run social media platforms for a couple organizations plus ours and now only do so for Jeff’s company The Supply Guy and (soon-to-be-launched) Luke and my LIVN GIVN.

Time, brain cells, eyeballs and my rear end decided enough was enough of being on electronic devices for the hours I was.

The funny thing about that gig is basically every career-type job I’ve ever had has been physical labour, industry/trade work and I’ve always loathed sitting down or spending more time on the computer than I want.

I’m a tactile learner and enjoy working with my hands so sitting on a chair or staring on my phone was that last thing I really wanted to be doing.

Studying, researching and taking social media courses were very worthwhile since most of everyone in North American society incorporates at least one platform or another into their everyday functioning. …

Becky Boughton

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